Catering Sample Menus


Fresh, healthy and delicious food for any occasion.

Catering is one of our specialities,  serving a wide array of delectable cuisine for all your private and corporate functions.We pay particular attention to your specific in-house catering requirements and tailoring our services to enrich your event. We understand the importance that you attach in impressing your family, friends and clients at  events such as Birthday parties, Family gatherings, corporate events , alms giving or any special event of you desire. From the food, to the basic logistical details to the affable and skilled Waitering, we seek to tailor each and every detail to not only meet your expectations but exceed them while we merely seek to be your partner in this endeavour. There by making your event one to remember., we pride ourselves on our ability to flexibly respond to the needs of our customers.



Menu 01 Menu 02 Menu 03 Menu 04 Menu 05
Bana Alms Giving Chinese Chinese Western
String Hoppers Keeri Samba Stir Fried Noodles Stir Fried Noodles Vegetable Spaghetti
Fish Ambulthiyal Red Rice Egg Fried Rice Royal Mixed Fried Rice Chicken Lasagna
Potato White Curry/Dhal Curry Seer Fish Curry Devilled Chicken/Chili Chicken Devilled Chicken/Chili Chicken  Roast Chicken with B.B.Q. Sauce
Polos Curry Fish or Vegetable Cutlet Sweet & Sour Fish/Devilled Fish Sweet & Sour Fish/Thai style Fish Curry Backed Whole Fish
Seeni Sambol Dhal Curry Vegetable Chopsuey/Veg. Korma Devilled Prawns/Cuttle Fish Crispy Garden Fresh Vegetable
Pol Sambol or Kooni Mallum Cadju Curry/Bean Curd Masala Brinjal Moju/Devilled Potato Vegetable Chopsuey Potato Salad
Polos Curry Chili Paste Mushroom Devilled Mixed Vegetable Salad
Gotukola Sambol Chili Paste
Dessert Dessert (Select One) Dessert (Select One) Dessert (Select One) Dessert (Select One)
Caramel Chocolate Pudding Cream Caramel Cream Caramel
Bread & Butter Pudding Mixed Fruit Souffle Bread & Butter Pudding Chocolate Mousse
Queen of Pudding Fruit Trifle Biscuit Pudding Mixed Fruit Souffle
Fruit Trifle
Dessert (Select One)
Action Station Menu 06 Menu 07 Menu 08 Menu 09
Indian BIRYANI RICE Rice & Curry Mala Batha
Hoppers – Egg , Plain
Mongolian-Chicken , Seafood ,Vegetable Savoury Rice/Ghee Rice Biryani Rice Vegetable Fried Rice (Basmathi or Keeri Samba) Keeri Samba
Kottu- Chicken , Vegetable Steamed Rice Tandoori Chicken/Chicken Korma Steamed Rice (Basmathi or Keeri Samba) Dry Fish Curry
Fish Ambulthiyal  Chicken Korma Savoury Egg Chicken (Sri Lankan Style) Pumpkin Curry
Chicken Curry Fish Ambulthiyal/Devilled Fish/Fish Stew Fish Cutlet Thalapath Fish Curry Fresh Green Bean Curry
Kattasambal Devilled Prawns/ Devilled Cuttle Fish Mixed Vegetable Curry/Cashew Potato Tempered/Brinjal Pehi Tomato & Onion Salad
 Vegetable Masala/Dhal Curry & Peas Curry Mixed Vegetable Curry
Potato Tempered/Brinjal Moju Mint Sambol Tomato, Onion & Cucumber Salad
Fish Cutlet/Seeni Sambol Raita Sinhala Pickle
Malay Pickle Chutney
Dessert (Select One) Dessert (Select One) Dessert (Select One) Dessert (Select One) Dessert (Select One)
Cream Caramel Cream Caramel Watalappan Cream Caramel Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Mousse Chocolate Mousse Chocolate Mousse Chocolate Pudding Chocolate Biscuit Pudding
Mixed Fruit Souffle Mixed Fruit Souffle Fruit Trifle Mixed Fruit Souffle
Fruit Trifle Fruit Trifle